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Human Performance Collaborative At Ohio State - Jimmy Onate

February 6, 2020

Human Performance Collaborative At Ohio State - Jimmy Onate

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Guest Bio:

Jimmy Onate - Human Performance Collaborative at The Ohio State University. 


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Jimmy Onate, Human Performance Collaborative at Ohio State

Show Notes: In this conversation, Jimmy talks about:

  • His back ground in baseball. 
  • Injuries in baseball and his thoughts on them.
  • Recovery and his thoughts on them. 
  • The importance of sleep and the impact it has on the body.
  • How the brain and vision players a role in human performance. 
  • Eyesight and vision are two different things. 
  • Thought and technology and what pieces he uses. 
  • and much more.


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