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Player Evaluation and Scouting with Michael Medici

June 7, 2019

Player Evaluations and Scouting with Michael Medici

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Guest Bio:

Michael Medici - Texas Ranger Scout and Founder of


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Michael Medici, Texas Ranger Scout and Founder of

Show Notes: In this conversation, Michael talks about:

  • How Michael got into scouting.
  • The difference between recruiting for college and scouting for professional baseball. 
  • What do scouts look for when they go and look at players.
  • The process of projecting players. 
  • What is makeup and how important it is?
  • The tools of baseball. 
  • Why competition and playing better competition matters in evaluating a player. 
  • Why strength and athleticism matters.
  • What body type is preferred and why they like certain body types. 
  • What type of fo body does not meet what they are looking for? 
  • and much more.


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